Dear Star rider,

Another year has passed and several kite brands have disappeared from the industry, but Star is still going strong and launching the 2019 line already this July! We are also excited to introduce our Dominican Pro team with a new video coming out this summer.

The Star family reunited

Luis Alberto Cruz is back with Star and joined by his friends Joselito Del Rosario and Samuela Mulè. This Dominican dream team will be featured in a new video, showing the 2019 line in action and what all the stoke is about. They will also be seen shredding at several competitions this summer; starting with the D.R. Open in Las Terrenas and with some BIG air at MaiTai’s Kitefestival in July. Luis is one of the few riders in the world that can land triple handle-passes (Click on picture below to see the video from his big win at the WKL event in 2016) and this year he will again show this unique move off Cabarete’s big kickers!


TAÎNA V8 2019- The ultimate wind machine!  

The superb crossover- all terrain kite is still our bestseller and contains the same beloved characteristics, which makes it a great choice regardless of your style or level.

The 2019 line also holds the successful improvements from previous years; a heat proofed bladder construction system and a double rip stop.

Our kites are made with the same solid canopy which makes the TAÎNA one of the most durable kites on the market and continues to guarantee endless sessions with sharp turns, high jumps and great power.

The 2019 line holds the familiar Star-elements in focus to confirm our identity and shred any doubt that you are anything else than a Star rider.

Pre-order now! The TAÎNA V8 will be shipped already in July! 

(click on picture to activate the TAÎNA interactive 3D viewer!)

Can you handle the power of the SIRIUS?

SIRIUS V4 (2019) will be available in October 2018.

The SIRIUS is a C-shaped hybrid, designed as a hardcore wakestyle/competition kite for those who want to experience a new level of powered riding.

Want to take your freestyle riding to the next level? Our Miami warehouse is stocked with SIRIUS V3 that is ready to ship to your doorstep!

Our Pro Rider, Luis Alberto Cruz prefers this kite to pull of massive handle passes and won a WKL event riding the SIRIUS!

(click on picture below to activate the SIRIUS V3 interactive 3D viewer!)


Another STAR rider that loves this kite is Mickael Neral. He is a part of our Pro team and lives in Martinique, where he often can be seen shredding on the SIRIUS (see picture below).



The ELITE control bar has proven itself with its 3rd generation and only received positive feedback.

Star Kiteboarding takes a stand for a simple, durable and affordable bar while the industry is evolving towards expensive, more gadget-orientedbars carrying extra spare parts and unnecessary functions that will causes more potential failures.

Our experience is that simplicity improves performance when it comes to the control bar, and we will continue to produce the ELITE bar V3, which suits all riding styles and offers all kiteboarders a safe and hassle-free riding experience.   


CRUZ BOARDS 2018/2019

The CRUZ boards are in stock and ready to ship!

Available in 3 sizes:  135*41, 138*42, 142*43



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